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How to make your customers come back?

Have you ever thought about points of contact your business has with your clients? How many? How are they presented? Are they only in offline or also in online?

Couple of weeks ago while preparing a brand book for one of my clients, I decided to dive into this topic to detail every chain of points of contact he has and here I am, sharing the most valuable findings with you. Hope that after reading this article you will apply these techniques to improve the image of your business as well as customer relations.

Points of Contact (PC) of your business is an every single contact at every stage of communication/ interaction your client has with your business. I’ll use some example below to explain it better.

No matter which business you are involved in, you have more then one PC. For example, the product you sell is a PC itself which is divided into smaller ones: packaging, design, naming, QR code, operation manual etc. For the business it would be: office, banner, documents, publicity, stamps, your employees, corporate cars etc.

This division to the smaller PC is called the Chain of Points of Contact.

Emotional classification:

PC can be positive, when people are excited about their experience or it’s also called a “wow” effect. Be sure that these people will be your best ambassadors and will tell about your business to all their friends.

Neutral, when people’s reaction to your PC is neutral. Your PC are no better or worse then those in the other businesses and they don’t evoke any emotions.

And last but not least, negative ones... deep disappointment form your business. Most probably they won’t come back, unless you have a monopoly on the market.


Some PC keep attention only for a few seconds: business cards, packaging or the publicity. Make the most out of it, create a “wow” effect to increase the lifetime of these PC.

The others may accompany your clients longer: the product itself, websites or conversations with representatives of your company. Think about creating a corporate style for your business: in answering a phone, in design, what can differentiate you from your competitors?

One of my favorite topics is a sensitive marketing: our five senses which also become a PC for your business. According to scientific researches, the top priority in the sensitive perception goes to eyesight, next one is nose, hearing, taste and the end sense of touch. Feel free to use aroma marketing, like it does Maje or Sandro in their shops, choose some music which will help you to increase sales (the impact of the music on the consumers behavior is also scientifically proved). And most importantly, use your fantasy and be different from your competitors.

What happens when you don’t pay enough attention to your PC or don’t try to make them special? Your competitors will do it.

Imagine you’re missing the automatic reply on your company phone- you loose a possibility for a potential client to leave you a message. However, the automatic reply is not enough, remember about creating a “wow” effect and replace an ordinary “you can leave your message after the signal” by something cool that people will remember! Or may be you are missing social media or a website?

If you have 2 spare minutes, take a pen and try to list all the points of contact for your business and detail them.


Atelier Cologne shop in Paris. Credit: Irina Bizot

P.S. Yes I know I have used the word points of contact at least 100 times in this article but hope it was worthing it! Now go and make your points of contact better :)

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